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Whitehouse Primary School, 2 Doagh Rd, Newtownabbey
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Parent Feedback


Whitehouse Nursery Unit School

Pupil Evaluation Survey – Response

May 2016

Dear Parent,

Here is the feedback from our annual pupil survey. Here are the main points that came from analysing the surveys.



  • 98% of children agree that they feel happy in Nursery
  • 100% of children agreed they liked coming to Nursery
  • 100% of children agreed they have learnt lots of new things in Nursery
  • 100% agreed they had made lots of new friends in Nursery
  • 100% agreed they had worked hard in Nursery
  • 100% agreed their teachers are kind

Things children stated they like to do in Nursery


  • Play outside with my friends
  • Building
  • Play in the other classroom
  • Share my toys
  • Play with my friends
  • Play with everything

Things children didn’t really like in Nursery


  • Leaving Nursery
  • Playing with the sharks
  • Getting myself all dirty not to play with girls
  • Nothing

We take all feedback seriously and will use it to consider our future practice.